The COVID-19 Business Effect

During this worldwide pandemic, businesses can and will be affected in many ways. Have you asked yourself, "Is my business ready for this?" Many businesses are now forced to close or limit their opening hours which is naturally "very bad for business" and even detrimental for small or new businesses.


However, what the pandemic does bring to light is, technology and the internet is a utility, a tool, not a luxury, so why not let your business use it during these tough times. Here are a few ways technology can help:


Keep your business open by selling online

Customers can still purchases your goods and services online via your website and you can accept payments straight to your bank account


Give customer convenience with a mobile app

Customers love the idea of opening an app and being in your store


Advertising on Social Media

Now that people are unable to go out, they will spend more time online and on their phones. Take advantage of this by getting your business to show up in their social feeds


So why not let technology help you in this time to make sure your business survives this outbreak.


Contact AppNerd and we can get all of the above done for you and as a small business we want to help other small businesses so we will be offering 50% off any E-Commerce Website, Mobile App and Social Media Campaigns until April 17th, 2020.


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