The Evolution of Website Design & Development

I was once told by a website designer from years ago, that in modern website design & development, "Once you have a laptop and a good internet connection, anyone can design a website for you and charge $300USD".

While it is true, "anyone" can design a website for you in this modern era, the question is "Is it going to be any good?"

Gone are the days of coding, HTML, FTP uploads, Dreamweaver, etc, now online backends and interfaces makes it easier for some to "design a website"...basically purchase a template, upload it into Wordpress, manipulate it and BOOM, they're done. Those are the $300 guys.

With that, you get what you pay for, a template that looks like almost all other websites in your industry, no real bells and whistles because the template is limited (I mean it's a template, you can only do what it allows you to do), no proper SEO, because that cost more money and time, no creativity, no research...nothing.

With an investment as important as your website, (which is basically the digital face of your business, the first starting point of your marketing campaign, the portfolio for your customers and I can go on and on), it doesn't pay to take shortcuts and end up spending double. It's a fixed cost/investment and it should be done right.

If you want a good website that will captivate your audience, represent your brand and stand out in your industry, then invest and invest once!

On average an amazing marketing and advertising website would cost around $1,100USD, while an e-commerce website can cost around $1,500USD. This includes domain & website hosting for a year, payment engine & cart engine...You know what it doesn't include? Templates.

The websites are still designed from scratch with minimal coding, allowing for great turn around time, usually 15-20 days. Extensive research is done on the company, industry and brand to make sure the perfect theme, colours and layout are combined for the standout balance and the best design. AppNerd, for example is lead by an artistic and creative team who also specializes in graphics design. So remember those bells and whistles I mentioned? You get it there.

Our websites are also very modular, so we can integrate multiple plug ins and softwares such as booking/scheduling, invoicing, membership, live chat and more.

Oh and don't forget mobile friendly, since over 55% of the world population uses their mobile devices to visit a website for the first time. We also get you found on the top search engines, since SEO is another bell included in that investment.

Now put it all together...all of the services mentioned above, do you think a guy who is charging you $300 is going to give you all that? Now ask your self, what am I really getting for $300? Is it worth it?

Therefore when designing and developing a website, its not a fly by night job, it takes time, research, creativity, vision, love, passion and a lot more. Yes it may not be as tedious as "back in the day" when websites were first introduced (since then the prices have reduced dramatically), however it is still a major investment for your business as mentioned so it pays to get it done right.

At AppNerd, website design and development is our passion and we show that passion and creativity in our work. Just ask our customers or visit our website or Facebook page to see our great customer feedback.

It's simple respect your Brand as you want others to respect it. A website is the introduction to your Brand.




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