Using fonts on your website and blog

Communication plays a vital role in design —it’s essential to establish a clear connection between the website and communication we mean the text you use. More than 95% percent of information on the web is in the form of written language.

Good typography makes the act of reading effortless, while poor typography turns users off

Optimizing typography is optimizing readability, accessibility, usability, therefore improving your user interface


1. Keep The Number of Fonts Used At a Minimum

Using more than 3 different fonts makes a website look unstructured and unprofessional


2. Try To Use Standard Fonts

Fonts such as Lato, Open Sans, Old Standard, Avenir, etc.


3. Limit Line Length

Having the right amount of characters on each line is key to the readability of your text.


4. Choose a Typeface That Works Well In Various Sizes

Users will access your site from devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.


5. Use Fonts With Distinguishable Letters

When choosing your type, be sure to check your type out in different contexts to make sure it won’t cause an issue for your users.


6. Don’t Minimize Spacing Between Lines

By increasing the spacing, you increase the vertical white space between lines of text, generally improving readability


7. Make Sure You Have Sufficient Color Contrast

Don’t use the same or similar colours for text and background. The more visible the text, the faster users are able to scan and read it.


10. Avoid Using Blinking Text

Content that flashes or flickers can trigger seizures in susceptible individuals. It can also be distracting and annoying for most users.


Typography is a big deal. Making the right typography choices can give your website a feel of crispness and polish. Bad typography choices, on the other hand, are distracting and tend to call attention to themselves. It’s essential to make typography readable, understandable, and legible.


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