Why Marketing Materials Still Matter

In today’s fast-paced digital world, one could easily begin to think that the old ink and paper ways of the past are no longer needs. Technology has woven itself into our lives and changed the way we work, learn, and discover. Maintaining or building your competitive advantage will rely on continuous technological integration but you can’t forget about the old way of doing things and where we came from. Ink and paper will always have a place in your business and we’ll show you why.


It’s like a window looking into your business: In many situations, your marketing materials will provide the first look into your business and you need that to be a good look. You can say anything you want about your company’s high-quality products and services but if your marketing materials don’t reflect the same defined quality you’re going to be dead in the water. To capitalize on this, you need to take a good look at the products or services you offer.


Perception can be a powerful tool: While this relates to all shapes and sizes of business it’s arguably most important regarding small companies and start-ups. How your company is perceived vs. its competition can make or break you. If you are a small company or just looking to enter the market, you better make sure your marketing materials are up to par with the big dogs if you want anyone to take you seriously.


Brand boosters: The quality and quantity of marketing materials used reveal a lot about a company and its brand. Good marketing materials give the viewer a glimpse of things like value proposition, vision, and culture within an organization. These factors heavily affect your brand image.


Sometimes it’s easier to show your story than to tell it: So we already know marketing materials can make or break the sales team and boost your brand. But they can also work to tell the story of your business. Being able to coherently communicate your company’s value to its clients is extremely important. Sometimes words just won’t cut it and even the most experienced sales reps can fumble. Marketing materials are great storytellers because you get to control how the story begins and ends.


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